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NOTE: This production has been postponed as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. Please take care of yourselves, and check back here for details about the (re)mount.

Gasping Whiteness 

by Will MacAdams, with contributions by the original ensemble

A play, community workshop, and anti-racist fundraiser

Sky and her dad are white. Maya and her mom are Black. They are two young families living side-by-side in an idyllic, left-leaning neighborhood. But when Sky makes a racist remark to Maya, this perfect progressive facade cracks, giving way to a mysterious masked figure rising up from Sky’s backyard. Exposing the insidiousness of white supremacy -- how racism infiltrates even the most well-meaning of circles -- Gasping Whiteness is a play, community workshop, and a call to action.

All tickets sales from Gasping Whiteness will go to Black Lives Matter - Louisville. To help us fund production costs, please