Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Rajiv Joseph

directed by Gil D. Reyes

August 3-11, 2012
Victor Jory Theatre
at Actors Theatre of Louisville

They say hindsight is 20/20. Of course, they also assume two working eyes.

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on the often funny, possibly tragic, and always gripping tale of Kayleen and Doug. They’ve suffered life’s slings and arrows, its heartbreaks, its electrocutions and its blunt force traumas. Now, about to hit 40 and no more certain than ever of their place in the world, they spin the yarn of two lives that began in a schoolyard, criss-crossed through the decades, and hurt like hell the whole time.

They say love hurts, and that’s what makes it worthwhile. Of course, they’ve never met Kayleen and Doug. After all, some love stories are written in the scars.

Cast and Crew
Kayleen Leah Roberts
Doug Mike Brooks


Stage Manager Steven Stark
Set Designer Jay Tollefsen
Lighting Designer Jesse AlFord
Sound Designer Scott Anthony
Costume and Make-up Designer Catherine Lee
Assistant Stage Manager Ben Unwin
Venue and Tickets

Friday-Saturday, August 3-4, 8:00pm
Monday, August 6, 8:00pm
Friday-Saturday, August 10-11, 8:00pm

Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre of Louisville 316 W Main St.

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Tickets are $15.

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