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Theatre [502]

At Theatre [502], we don’t just want patrons, we want PARTNERS.

We are building a theatre community that strives for excellence; challenging each other as artists to always reach just a little farther beyond what we know we can achieve, every time we step on stage. 

You are critical to our success. In the audience you help gauge our efficacy, and as a supporter you make it possible for us to push the limits of theatre arts in Louisville.

As a Member, you are part of the team-supporting amazing plays creates opportunities for artists to grow, and keeps our ticket costs low – so Louisville audiences can enjoy more of our city’s many arts and theatre offerings.

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Member Levels and Benefits:


$5,000 Underwriters Circle

6 tickets per project/production + Diana & Steve will write a one-act play especially for you—yes, YOU (or someone you love)—to be performed in your home or office.


$1,000 Benefactors Guild

4 tickets per project/production + Exclusive opportunities to attend developmental workshops, readings, and rehearsals


$50 monthly ($600) Artistic Partner

2 tickets per project/production + a [502] umbrella


$25 monthly ($300) Advocate

2 tickets per project/production + a [502] tote bag


$10 monthly ($120) Friend

2 tickets per project/production


$5 monthly ($60) Neighbor

1 ticket per project/production + Your name in our programs + Invitations to special events


Each level includes all member benefits at lower amounts (with the exception of ticket quantities, which are listed above).