2019-2020 Projects

Theatre [502]

Mine by Laura Marks

Directed by Steve Moulds

Location: Baron’s Theater


Mari is ready for motherhood. She’s given birth at home, surrounded by a devoted husband, a reassuring midwife, and a proud new grandma. But the next morning, Mari’s convinced the baby in her arms is not hers. When a stranger arrives, promising to answer all of her questions, will she give Mari clarity -- or open the door to an even more terrifying dilemma? Mine is a thriller that pits our sense of reality against our deepest intuitions. 

Gasping Whiteness by Will MacAdams, with contributions by the original ensemble

A play, community workshop, and anti-racist fundraiser

Produced by Diana Grisanti


Sky and her dad are white. Maya and her mom are Black. They are two young families living next door to each other in an idyllic, left-leaning neighborhood. But when Sky makes a racist remark to Maya, this perfect progressive facade cracks, giving way to a mysterious masked figure rising up from Sky’s backyard. Exposing the insidiousness of white supremacy -- how racism infiltrates even the most well-meaning of circles -- Gasping Whiteness is a play, community workshop, and a call to action.


Proceeds will be split between artists’ stipends and a local POC-led organization.